Everything About Knitted Fabric

We have formed Superboy in 1991. We have been making investments since the day that we were formed in order to catch up with the technological developments in our sector. But we are aware of the fact that technology is not everything so we also invested on human resources and environment. This mission helped us to become one of the leading brands of knitted fabrics sector.

In the year 2005 we started the “Change and Renewal Move”. By starting this move we also diversified our products and reached international standards both in our production facilities and management. And maybe the most important of all is that we developed our refining plant in order to show how important people and environment are for us. Our refining plant has been certified with Ekoteks and enviroment protection.

By the year 2009 we started exporting our goods and carried out our quality to an international level. We increased and diversified the special production of worldwide brands.

Today we are a 20 year old company...We added our experience which was built throuhgout these years to our energy that comes from youth.

Today we play an important role in our sector, we are being appreciated and followed by others. We worked a lot until today and we have come a long way. Bu we just started.

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